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Better Than Ezra releases cover of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes"

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Better Than Ezra, who quickly became a staple in the ‘90s pop/rock scene following their debut album Deluxe in 1995, has released a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” out today – LISTEN HERE. “In Your Eyes” is a classic that we’ve always loved, and it feels particularly relevant today. It’s about the longing for connection in our increasingly isolated world, which has only been made more so by the long lasting effect of this pandemic. If you are struggling during this time of isolation, please know that you are not alone and there are organizations that can help. Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra With that longing for connection, the band understands how isolation can affect one’s mental health. Tying into the cover release, the band has included information on where fans can seek help during these times. This is not the first time the band has used their platform to inspire connection or help those in need. Most recently, Griffin took to Facebook to do LIVE stream concerts to raise funds for COVID-19 relief efforts raising almost $200k in donations. The funds went to various organizations including MusiCares, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, POB Unit to help feed front line health care works in New Orleans, and the Bella Bowman foundation (pediatric cancer charity), in which personal protective equipment and relief packages were delivered. The band also is selling BTE face masks on their web store. The story of Better Than Ezra began before the nineties explosion they remain so often associated with ever even happened. Griffin and Drummond comprised the core of the band at its onset as they hit the road and won over one fan at a time beginning in 1989. This fan base would go on to be known as “Ezralites” by the time the first pressing of Deluxelanded independently in 1993. As the audience dramatically grew, Elektra signed the boys in 1995 and officially released Deluxe. A fixture on radio and MTV, “Good” captured #1 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks Chart and went multi-platinum. 1996’s Friction, Baby yielded definitive anthems such as “Desperately Wanting” and “King Of New Orleans.” A string of fan favorite albums followed, including How Does Your Garden Grow? [1998] and Closer [2001]. 2005’s Before The Robots represented another creative high. Its lead single “A Lifetime” peaked in the Top 15 of theBillboard Adult Top 40 chart as “Juicy” went on to famously soundtrack a Desperate Housewives campaign. Paper Empirefollowed in 2009 and then the band released their latest album in 2014, All Together Now. Produced by Tony Hoffer [M83, Beck,] it spawned the hit “Crazy Lucky,” which notched 10 million-plus streams. At the same time, their touring presence burgeoned year after year as Better Than Ezra continue to sell out amphitheaters and arenas worldwide. A force of nature on stage, the group consistently deliver on tour as countless fans sing along to every word nightly. Their gigs further uphold a growing legend. Celebrating 25 years of Deluxe in 2018, the guys reissued the record on double vinyl. Detailing the release, Forbes summed up the group’s influence beyond the nineties scene it helped define. The outlet wrote, “So many of that decade's most influential, like supernovas, burned up fast... New Orleans alternative rock trio Better Than Ezra defied those odds. In the end, you’ll never forget the songs on Deluxe or any other release from their discography—and that’s better than anything. Follow Better Than Ezra:Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Soundcloud

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